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Remember, the speakers are what actually make the sound.  They could be considered the vocal chords of your electric guitar rig!  Fortunately it isn't very difficult to try different speakers.

Speakers should really be considered separately from amplifiers.  Instead of "Guitar & Amp" it should be "Guitar, Amp, & Speakers".  That's the three main equipment components of an electric guitar rig.

Caution; For the sake of your amp's transformers, it's always best to match the impedance of the amp with the same impedance speaker (or speaker enclosure).  It's usually OK to put an amp of lower impedance into a speaker (or speaker enclosure) of greater impedance, but some people aren't totally comfortable doing that.  
The total impedance of a group of speakers (speaker enclosure) in a speaker enclosure is what's important.

Here is a group of links to a lot of good speaker information.

Forum Discussions regard the "Perfect" speaker, whatever that may be......

The most famous speaker enclosure is the Marshall 4x12, so-called because they contain four 12" speakers.  These enclosures come in two varieties;
                Angled                                                  Straight
             Marshall 1960A                                 Marshall 1960B
Is there a difference soundwise between these cabs, or are they just different for practical reasons?  Which do you prefer and why?
-Some prefer the look of the angled cab.  The upper two speakers also let you, the guitarist, hear yourself better.  However other members of the band (especially singers!) may complain.
-Some prefer the slightly deeper tone of the straight cab.