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For Sale

All Items;
-Are in proper working order, unless noted otherwise.
-Return for refund if not satisfied.  You pay return shipping.
-Will accept postal Money Order or Paypal 
    (account is pearlygrapes@yahoo.com) & we split Paypal fees.
-Shipping $5-10, maybe $15 for a couple of the heavier items (depending on shippers charge to me) to lower 48 States only.
-Items purchased new by me have been stored in a smoke-free environment.  I detect no smoke odor on any "used" items I'm selling.

Please contact me at;


The items shown below on this side of the page are FOR SALE.


TIME MACHINE BOOST by Keeley/Legendary Tones - $250
"Clean Boost" with several different settings for different eras in music.
Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. Has one very small scratch in the paint, not through the paint.
This is one of the first versions.
Includes original box & instructions
Uses 9-volt battery or AC adapter (not included)

More info at;

Two CE-2 CHORUS "Silver Screw" models, by Boss
$145 for Pedal "A", #9600
$135 for Pedal "B", #0100                                                                                                                           

YouTube Video

The most desirable of the CE-2s; 
Black label-Made in Japan (not Taiwan), with a silver screw (instead of black plastic) for battery compartment access.  "Long dash" & larger font.

'59 BASSMAN FBM-1 pedal by BOSS - $100
Very cool overdrive pedal.
Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. I am the only owner. Never gigged.
Has separate "Bright" & "Normal" inputs.  Knobs are for Presence, Bass, Mids, Treble, Volume, & Gain.
Includes original box.
Uses 9-volt battery or AC adapter (not included).

axon OVERDRIVE PRO, OD-820 - $150
A fuller, richer-sounding version of the 808/TS-9 by the company that built the original Ibanez pedals.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This pedal also makes a great "clean boost", especially for non-master volume Marshalls.
Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. Never gigged. I am the only owner.
Includes original box & instructions *&* AC adapter.

DOUBLE DRIVE by Tech 21 - $SOLD!!
Overdrive pedal.
Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. I am the only owner. Never gigged.

"This pedal offers 2 different types of distortion that are based solely on the output stages of specific tube amplifiers: Class A (Vox AC 30-style) and Class A/B (Fender-syle/Marshall-style).  You can use either Drive control individually or together, which creates a unique blend of the 2 distortions and achieves a cascading effect."

Includes original box & instructions.


Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. I am the only owner. Never gigged.
Includes original box & instructions

BOSS Carrying Case & Power Supply 
$25 or FREE to anyone who buys three or more Boss pedals!

Note; Latches do not work.  You must tie the handle together with a velcro loop (or twist ties!) when carrying pedals.
Opens into a powered pedalboard. Top (the part with the foam) unhinges.

The items shown below are at least temporarily off the market for various reasons, BUT may be put back on public sale.  If you are interested in "on hold" items, watch this page or contact me directly.

CE-2 CHORUS by Boss - $        each

Used condition from good to very good.
Four are the famous "Made in Japan" (MIJ), black label pedals, some are the hard-to-find "silver screw" model.  One is made in Taiwan.
The two silver screw models are listed "For Sale" on the right side of this webpage.

-One unit only works with a battery, will not work with AC adapter.
-One unit has a very dim LED.
-One unit is a green label Taiwan model; LED does not work & one of the knobs interior grip is broken (just the plastic knob, not the potentiometer). 

 by Boss- $(HOLD)         each.

Used condition from good to very good.

Famous "Made in Japan" (MIJ), black label pedals.  One pedal is a silver label Tiawan model modded by Analogman.

Items shown below have been sold & are no longer available.

Vintage distortion pedal circa 1970s.
Used with many small areas of missing paint on sides.  The four rubber don't look original to me (too new & slightly too large?).

Includes Original Box

Reviews from Harmony-Central;

LUCKY 7 by Fuchs - $OLD!


V-TWIN by Mesa Engineering - $SOLD!!
All Tube preamp.
Used but in good condition. Small strip of velcro on bottom.
Three modes; Clean, Blues, Lead.  I'm told this can be used with headphones, but haven't tried it myself.
Connects to guitar amp, power amp, headphones or mixer.  
Controls for Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, and Master output (volume). One footswitch changes between Clean/Blues and Solo mode, while the other footswitch is a bypass.

Includes original Mesa/Boogie AC adapter.

MOJO VIBE -by Sweet Sound - $OLD!
Vintage Uni-Vice effect..

Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. I am the only owner. Never gigged.
Switch (on top of unit) between Chorus & Vibrato effect.  
(Note that the "Chorus" setting is really more of a Phaser sound, but the Chorus terminology is in keeping with the original Uni-Vibe pedal.)
Large lower knob is designed to be operated easily with your foot -OR- use a passive expression pedal to control speed.
LED light flashes in time with speed of effect.

Includes original box (generic white) & instructions.
Does not include AC adaptor.  I recommend the "zero hum" DA-1 by Danelectro.

Even more info at;

REPLEX by Hughes & Kettner - (No Longer Available)
Tube powered Replication of Echoplex. Condition is slightly used.

YouTube Video

"Converging traditional tube circuitry and state-of-the-art digital technology, Replex™ replicates the sound and response of a ‘60s tape echo with awesome accuracy. And it handles and operates far more conveniently and reliably than the original. The Vintage Factor knob is its grooviest sound-sculpting tool. Twist it to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy everything from modern digital precision to vintage ‘60s wow, flutter and tape saturation effects."
Features Single-Head, Dual-Head, & Reverb functions.
Includes Hughes & Kettner AC adapter (with velcro on side).

More Info at;

"Plexi" in a stompbox.

A few chips in the paint, but in very good condition. Four small squares of velcro on bottom.
This produces a "Plexi"-type overdrive as if the Plexi were on "10".  There is no control for the amount of overdrive, only the "Level" (volume) & a 
3-position switch for Normal, Bright, Warm.

EXPANDORA by Bixonic - $SOLD!!
Distortion Overdrive
2005-06 model.  Often associated with ZZ Top
Virtually un-used, in "as-new" condition. I am the only owner. Never gigged.
"Dip" switches are on top for easy access, rather than inside.
Includes original box & instructions.



SPARKLE DRIVE by Voodoo Lab - $OLD

JAVA BOOST by Keeley - $OLD!






1990 Les Paul Classic - $OLD!